Two Infectious Days

I’m too infected for my head too infected for my head too infected for my head…

The last time that I posted was about a year ago. When I discovered that I could do an amazing thing I can type up my blog on voice to text and then I can go ahead and read it aloud and put it up out as a podcast which is good practice because I do hope to eventually do some “real” podcasting (or hire someone to make it really good.) I’m never doing just one thing at a time, so allow me to describe 2 Days in my life.

Let me preface my story, Last month the dentist had to crown one of my molars or I going to lose it. My mouth was on fire with inflammation for a week until I finally had the courage to wear a night guard from years ago. My jaw seemed to settle down, but around the same time I was observing that I was also having headaches each evening. This went on a bit too long, and  I knew I was going to be doing a recording session, so I went to a massage therapist and a chiropractor to try to work out this headache thing thinking they must have struck a nerve. Everything helped, but not enough. Apparently, I developed a sinus infection as a result of the dental work, and apparently that is a”thing.”

Sandwiched on the day between seeing a massage therapist and chiropractor, and then seeing a medical doctor who diagnosed it,  I had a job interview. What resulted will impact so much of what I do moving forward as an artist and a person in the world, because I got the job!  This time two years ago, I was in a similar position. I was all packed and ready to go—then everything shut down. Well, here we go again! I am on track to finish something I started over 35 years ago! Yep, I said it! Maybe I’ll finally live up to my IG tagline “I am a bird I sing / I fly.” That was the flying…Now for the singing…

A few days later, I was in a recording session. I have so little time to finish half an album before I leave to be trained, and then gain mastery over my day job, through the end of the year. I had originally planned to make a whole album in different local studios over the coming summer. But opportunity knocked, and it was not wise to gamble and wait for it to knock later.  I woke up the morning of my session finally believing that I actually DID have a sinus infection because whatever was up in there had begun oozing down past my throat. The body is an amazing thing! Bad timing in this case, but amazing nonetheless! I really didn’t want my body to be doing that just then, but I was not about to cancel!

On the 45-minute drive, I worked through my usual warm-up routine, which is to sing through the soundtrack of The Phantom of the Opera. If I can sing the high notes just before Christine faints in the lair of the Phantom, then I know I can do anything.  I can’t quite say that I made it to my goal because it seems like when I would get close to that note nothing but air came through, but it was close enough, and I didn’t really think I was going to be hitting that note in the session, so I was not going to be deterred. Side Note: my voice seems to have dropped over the past two years. I thought that it was just me, but I’ve heard from other singers that they’re struggling with the same thing.  If you don’t use it you lose it!) 

 It was the first time I worked at this studio and was probably only a one-time-only deal because this guy makes a living with his OWN music, but a long time ago he said that he would help me to get comfortable with the recording process WAY back when we were in a songwriter group together and I admitted that I was intimidated by the process.  Now I actually love the beautiful process! But on this particular project, I wanted to work with this particular producer, because of a mutual friend who had worked on it previously but had passed. I will explain more about the song itself in a bit.

When I arrived I was surrounded by so much beauty! The producer’s wife is a visual artist. I was enraptured in all the art, and had to resist wanting to stop the session and interview both of them!I also had to fight through the way a singer feels when the voice may not be at its best, but ya gotta deliver.  I think that my adaptability and delivery have developed from working in different studio environments and with different producers. Like there was a vocal producer voice in my head, as I recalled and applied some of the good tips lavished upon me by what has become quite a village.  Work ethic trumped the fear and it was enough to get the job done, until very literally the last two notes. I was putting in one last vocalization of a two-toned Oooo… and it just crapped out on me, complete with a dry coughing spell. But, there were enough good passes to be able to call it a day. It was good.

Then, suddenly I was really very tired. I’d become accustomed to studio sessions running from about 11AM to 2PM sessions, never later then 4pm, and it was 6PM. I went home feeling both wired and tired. I was wired from the fairy dust of yet another project getting so beautifully done, in such an artful beautiful setting, and also deeply tired from having an unseen war raging inside my body.  

So, all that so say, I should have a new song soon and I’m going to go ahead and tell you the story behind the song. It’s going to be called, “My imagination.” It is a combination of two songs that already exist in the public domain, but for which I created the melodic lyrical vocals. The small album was created by multiple people who would each add a layer of an instrument or vocal track atop what was already there—like making a song “Telephone Game” Style. I did get to see one of the participants, the man who was running it because he had to capture a recording of my vocals. It was a rough cut but its out there on ReverbNation and in a little disc that I have in my library of things I’ve created or been part of creating. I’m breathing new life into it, because the message of the song seems to have been a bit prophetic and very pertinent to the social media culture. Also am going to learn the legalities of putting a song out a song registered previously under the public domain. I think there are potential royalties for the performance but not for writing – I don’t know, but f you’re going to be a singer-songwriter you have to learn about these things or else write such great songs that somebody else does all that FOR you, so I guess I better learn about these things.  😛

I’m hoping to put out an EP of songs that I have made locally and mostly over the pandemic. Well, at least one of them was made before the pandemic when my spells of inactivity were more due to seasonal depression and grief over sidemen lost to injury or worse–back when shutdown inside my own head, seasonally, rather than a worldwide pandemic. So I guess you could say that I’ve always been “too infected for my head…too infected for my head too… infected for my head…”  But I am making a rather good go at it…So fasten your seatbelts!!!


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