Behind the Iron Gate

“Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

The song can speak for itself, because it is biographical, down the tragic deaths on the river. (There are several lengthy newspaper articles about that. My great-grandfather was only 4 when he lost his father and brothers, but chose the river as his daily commute and worked at the steel mill until well into his 8o’s.

The cemetery, the airport, the riverbank, and the steel mill on the other side -are all very real places, each within walking distance. The cemetery is scattered in every “block” with my ancestors. It is so peaceful.

It is a place where I can ‘come to the garden alone,” and yet not feel alone, or sad. I have gone there for all the reasons is the song, and the song says it best…so go have a listen, or a watch, as there is a simple video set to the song now on my you tube channel:

The stories, sunshine, and gathering are things I would wish for every family to have. I always leave with a little more resolve to live—and love and serve as well as I can. That too is in the song…more artfully than I can express in spoken words.

Those who care for this place have created a haven of beauty and solace. If you feel led please feel free to make a donation. I have decided to use this song to bring them good, as they have brought so much good to me.

Here is a link:

I LOVE making music and songs for my local community. I do hope to put out a “Locals EP” soon. I was down to the very last song for that project and got a bit sick, and now have to switch hats, because ready or not, here comes my day job…but no worries, it will be a great vehicle for interviewing open mics, and collaborations with other independent singer-songwriters like me–who are also crazy about making for their local community!



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